I love Newborn photography shoots, they are my favorite! This newborn session was extra special. This precious girl belongs to one of my closest friends. We have been friends for 23 years! We grew up together, was in each others weddings, just been there through it all together. I was so excited for her and her husband when they announced this pregnancy. Motherhood can be overwhelming, exhausting to your core, but also filled with indescribable love and joy, I wanted all of this for her. The feeling of your heart almost bursting with adoration and wonder as you stare at the precious little miracle you created!


Speaking of exhaustion… I have some great tips to help get your baby to “sleep like a baby”! A cousin gave me the book “Happiest Baby on the block” a long time ago, and it contains the “baby whisperer” technique I use to get newborns to sleep during a photo shoot. Hold the swaddled baby close to your body, tucked under one arm. Gently bounce up and down so the head ever so slightly moves. Whisper “shhhhhhhh” in the baby’s ear while patting the back. A white noise machine or app is great. I use the pink noise app, it works great to mimic the noise within the womb making the baby feel safe and secure.

sleepy Newborn photo
baby art
Newborn Jacqueline Dance Photography
Newborn photo with jewelled headpiece

Incorporating special items into a newborn photoshoot is so special. The necklace she is wearing as a headpiece belonged to her great grandmother. Baby’s mom wore a similar headpiece on her wedding day!


Little Miss P received her own handcrafted custom photo album containing all the photos from her newborn photo shoot. This lucky girl will have this her entire life. I love creating heirloom pieces like this with clients, it was customized to highlight all the favorite photos.