Pregnancy has to be the most exciting time for couples! You are over the moon excited to meet this little person. You want perfect maternity photos with a cute adorable bump. All women carry differently, it is great to chat with your photographer about timing. Waiting longer than 35 weeks, some mom’s can start retaining water and get swollen later on. Also the closer to delivery, the bigger your baby and you many not be comfortable! It is hard to have a nice beautiful smile with a foot jabbing your ribs!


This mom had some fantastic maternity photo outfits from a friend. I love how the colour of her cover up matched her chair!


Too early, and you may not even look pregnant in the photos.


Depending on how you are carrying, 32 -35 weeks is perfect timing for cute little bump photos. The best way to get maternity photos you love is great communication with your photographer. Consultations are a great way to get to know each other and plan locations and wardrobe special to you.

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