Welcome to the new blog format! A post on my dream trip is a great into! I had dreamed of hiking Macchu Pichu for the last 18/19 years! life got in the way as it does with lots of things. We have a dream in that back of our mind that gets set aside in the "busy" of life, that was me. Finally made it happen thanks to the help of grandparents to babysit!  Husband and I spent 10 days away from the kids and explored Peru.  We booked the Lima to Lima trip with G-Adventures. The are an amazing Canadian company that not only has great adventure tours, but gives back to the communities. The old Lima Centro has beautiful architecture and churches. Love the street art near Mirafores. 


We then flew to Cusco. Landing on Corpus Christi was incredible. We ate lunch overlooking the Plaza de Armas with a view of the Saints paraded from one church to the other around the square. The one downside was not spending more time in Cusco. While Lima was a nice city, we loved the charm of Cusco, and I should have acclimitzed better!! I would have loved to see the Inca museum and the salt ponds of Maras. 

Ollantaytambo was magical. I had been sick in Cusco and on the bus drive of sacred Valley. (Altitude also affects your stomach, I was not digesting food normally) I woke up in time to exit the bus and as soon as I stepped off saw the sun setting over the mountain, shining beams of light over the ruins. Ah, I can't even describe how enchanting it was. I decided let savour the moment, not photograph it. ( Well the real reason, was my camera was in my pack and the effort to get it out was too great given how crummy I felt!)  This little town is so neat with the aqueducts carrying water throughout. I was thankful to be a a lower elevation and get my bearing back before starting the hike the following morning. 

The start of the Inca trail is in the desert fauna with yucca plants as high as power lines, and prickly pear cactus. The weather was fairly good with slight sprinkles. It was an exhilarating first day with serphant shaped ruins. It was incredilbe to explore these ancient ruins on our own, with lunch near a cute river. We arrived in camp exhilarated. 

Day 2 was another story. It rained all through the night and as we looked up towards the pass in the morning we saw snow! It was already going to be the difficult day with a 1100m ascnet to Dead Women's pass, this was made much more difficult with the rain and sleet at the summit. We did have rain gear, but it was no match for hours on end in the rain. Had to include the completely blurry photo at our rest stop, lens was just too wet :| I may have appoligized to my husband for dragging him along on this trip and said next trip is his choice! 

Woke up day 3 to the sound of rain, I was dreading putting my wet clothes back on. Luckily after a bit on the trail the rain lightened up and turned into a stunning day! It was long, but filled with incredible sights of ruins.

Finally Machu Picchu day! Woke up at 3am! We arrived at the sun gate shortly after sunrise. While Machu Picchu is magical, you only have 2.5 hours to spend exploring, which is not much time. I was grateful to had the time over the 4 days to explore many ruins, learning about the Inka culture, and possible uses of the various buildings. Waking up in those mountains was surreal. Words and photos don’t do the experience justice. I can’t tell you how often I would stop and savor my surroundings, taking in all the majestic beauty of the Andes Mountains, and pinch myself in disbelief that I was finally there after almost 20 years of dreaming of it.