You want professional photographs of your beautiful family to display around your home. You see perfect photos on Pinterest, and want some for yourself, but don’t know where to start to look your best. It can be tricky figuring out what to wear to your family photo shoot! Here are 3 tips to set you in the right direction.

1. Comfort. This is big with kids. If their clothes “feel funny” they will be really uncomfortable and it will show in the photos. If you don’t want angry faces and crabby kids make sure they like the clothes they are wearing. You can ask them to pick favourite pants so they have a say, then you choose the shirt to coordinate. Or pick 2 options and let them pick their favourite, they will be really happy with themselves, and may be more inclined to want to be photographed.


2. Harmonious colours. No need for everyone to be in jeans and white t-shirt if that is something you normally wouldn’t wear. If you love bright colours, go for it. Lay clothes out on the bed or floor to make sure the colours look good next to each other. You can take photos of some options and bring to the consultation with your photographer. Stick to one pattern and the other clothes can be colours within that pattern. In the photo below, My romper is the only one with pattern, and each of the girls are wearing colours found within the pattern of my outfit.


3. Same formality. If everyone is in jeans and a t-shirt but mom is in a ball gown, it will look weird and out of place. Everyone should be casual, semi-formal, what ever you are comfortable in. This family has all the tips down perfect! They are not in the exact same thing, but the colour and formality work well together.


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